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“Richelle is that rare astrologer who combines both a beautiful heart and depth of compassion, with amazing wit, life experience, and solid skills to truly encourage her clients to have the right understanding of who they are and why they’re here – and what the heck to do now and in the future to make things be as good as they can possibly be. Her ability to communicate heady, deep subjects in a light, encouraging, wise, and responsible way leads to the right decisions, peace of mind, and vastly improved life we all long for. In short, she rocks.”

Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer

Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology is the oldest form of astrology practiced, differing from Western Astrology by using  the Sidereal Zodiac.   Stunningly accurate, jyotish reveals what the  “astrological weather” will be in your life.  Your chart can also reveal your “relationship capacity” – understand how you show up in relationships, and what you can do to improve your relationships, both with yourself and others in your personal and business life. I invite you to discover the  profound insights jyotish can provide you.


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