I invite you to contact me with your questions about my Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda programs, and working with me privately and confidentially.

Astrological Chart Consultation (Relationship Capacity + Compatibility + Timing) – You’ll receive a chart interpretation that includes your natal or birth chart, current transits and trends, what planetary cycle you are currently in and what it means. You’ll learn about compatibility and the timing of your love life. When are the likely time frames when a relationship can come along? Find out about your compatibility in your current relationship or dating life. You’ll receive advice on how best things to move forward, based on your chart and compatibility. Full Session – $295; Half Session – $150

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation – Ayurveda is the  “science of life,” and defines health in terms of all levels of our being: body, mind, senses, emotions, and soul.  Learn about your Ayurvedic Body Type, and how to care for  your physical self in a profoundly insightful and integrated way.  When you understand your  “vehicle” you will understand how to best care for it in alignment with the rhythm of nature during daily cycles and seasonal cycles.  $225 – 2 Hour Consultation

Four-Week Jump-Start (Relationship Capacity + Compatibility + Timing + Life Purpose) – After examining your chart, we will meet weekly to assist you in getting past where you are stuck in your life. You’ll begin to understand the patterns you’ve been repeating, and you’ll learn how to make better choices that are in alignment with your soul’s destiny. You’ll learn about compatibility, timing, and relationship capacity. This four-week consultation goes deeper to identify your potential along with your blind spots, so that you can make wise choices for your life.  $695

Ayurveda Weight Loss Package — A three-month program designed to help you understand your Ayurvedic body type, lose weight, and learn the best way to keep it off for good for your specific body type. We’ll discuss your goals, assess your health, and determine how to best balance your doshas for optimum results. You’ll also receive a DVD on Ayurveda for Weight Loss that includes special yoga and breathing exercises, a CD with subliminal affirmations for re-programming your subconscious mind, personalized email support and one-on-one guidance. I will also design a personalized Ayurvedic herbal formula to assist with your weight loss. Two hour initial consultation and two 1-hour follow up consultations – $695

Life Revitalization Package (12 week program) – We will use your astrological chart for life coaching, spiritual counseling, and relationship counseling so that you can self-actualize to your highest level.  This package also includes an Ayurvedic body type consultation and recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and daily routines for maintaining balance for your body type.  Utilizing the powerful information contained in your astrological chart is more effective and quicker than psychotherapy or traditional counseling.  Working with me in this way will propel you forward to implement changes at a new level.  Together we will strategize on how to best help you make the shifts you would like to see in your life by meeting on the phone or in person every two weeks, have weekly email check-ins, and email Q&A access.  Includes recommended book and CD to assist your journey – $1495

Personal VIP Package (6 month program) – In this all-inclusive package, we will journey together for six months in order to propel you into your future. You will be empowered through the excavation of the deeper lessons in your astrological chart. You will learn what the future holds for your love life, how to strengthen your relationships, and how to get unstuck from destructive patterns. We will explore your Astrological and Ayurvedic body type, incorporating the knowledge of how this impacts your daily routine (food choices, exercise, sleep), your relationships both business and personal, your work life, and your spiritual path.  Building on what is found in the Life Revitalization Package, we will meet together on the phone or in person every two weeks; you will be able to call for assistance within 24 hours at any time.   $4999


If you would like to schedule an astrological consultation, please send your name, date of birth, time of birth, and city where you were born – along with your phone number and current time zone to:

richelle (@)

**If you do not know your exact birth time from your birth certificate, or from a family member’s memory, please let me know so that we can schedule a rectification of your birth time.

***Please read the Policies & DIsclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!




***Policies & Disclaimer:

When we embark on a journey to understand ourselves and our path in life, we begin to ask questions about why our life has unfolded as it has.  Astrology can offer us insight into those questions, and along with your sincere desire to find answers to the cosmic energies that are guiding your life, an astrologer can act as an important guide along your path.  The guide’s role is not to tell you what to do, but to help assist you to come to your own truth and clarity.

Anything that is revealed to the astrologer, who then shares with you, depends upon their own life experience and training, and it is possible that you could approach a number of different astrologers for guidance and insight, and you may receive as many points of view – because the knowledge imparted will depend on each individual lens that is used to decipher the information contained in your chart.  That being said, there should be certain things that should be consistent.  The consultation you receive from me will be based on my own training, subjective experience and insights provided to me by studying your chart.  I make a sincere effort to be as clear and as objective as I can, to provide you with the information you need to empower yourself in your life.  You will ultimately be responsible for what information you take in and make a part of your life, for the choices you make, and the actions you take.

Please feel free to take notes during our call. I will record the session and deliver it as a downloadable file via email. Please understand that technology does fail and your recording is not 100% guaranteed. You are welcome to use your own recording device to capture the session, as a backup method, in case my recording device fails.  I always recommend re-listening to your session once you receive it, and then again several weeks later.  Take down notes in a journal to remind you of the insights that you’ve received.

Sessions are normally booked out a week or two in advance, depending upon my schedule and travel.  If you desire a session, I will send you a Paypal Payment request.  Once I receive notification of your payment, I will contact you with available times on my calendar.  Your appointment will be confirmed after this step.  Please notify me 24 hours prior to your consultation if you cannot make it.  Otherwise you will forfeit your time slot and payment, and you will need to rebook another consultation.  Emergencies are extended a grace period.

Please note that I am not a licensed practitioner in the state of California, and that I practice Ayurveda and Reiki under SB577.

Your consultation with me and all information you share with me will remain strictly confidential.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in your life!

Many blessings to you on your journey!

Richelle Jarrell